Gourmet Premium Chinese Oolong Tea

Gourmet Premium Chinese Oolong Tea

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If you’re looking for a roasty oolong tea, you need look no further. Large, wiry tea leaves produce a deep amber cup, with a rich flavor. Our Oolong’s warm and earthy aroma is reminiscent of a late harvest wine. The complex flavor profile has hints of honeysuckle and roasted barley and nuts. Expertly dark roasted, this oolong could convert even a coffee lover to loose leaf tea.

The origin of this tea is in the beautiful craggy Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province, China. The high altitude, high humidity climate makes an ideal environment for growing flavorful tea. This Chinese oolong tea is USDA certified organic.

Oolong teas are often very sophisticated in their aroma and flavor, and enjoy a well-deserved reputation as such, as well as for their many health benefits. And there are some weight-loss bonuses to oolong, above and beyond tea’s natural fat-burning mechanisms.